...Sometimes its only the littlest things in life, that become the brighest stars in the darkest of nights...

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Andy Warhol

Like me, my mother loves nothing more than posing in an artistic way and putting it on facebook for the world to see. This was taken in a museaum dedicated to Andy Warhol and his art work. After three attemptes with the machine, mum finally settled for this picture. I actually really like it and find it very flattering. Unfortunately we had run out of time for me to have a go (typical), but you can admire my mum instead..

Army life!

Fortunately for me, I was pardoned from obtaining the Israeli army (can anyone really imagine me as a soldier, seriously!) But here is me in the uniform anyway. It isnt that unflattering or unstylish at all...

1940, 50s and 60s are back

My friends and I back in my home town in Surrey took part in a catwalk show for our local vintage shop 'Shrewd'. Each girl represented a different era, and the idea was to show how one can effectively dress to these decades, being clothes, hair and make up. I was a lot of fun and I adored my dress, I kept running around and twirling in it, much to the managers annoyance haha

Old photos

Here is my mum in her 'hey day' when living in Israel. She is probably about 20 here and of course she isnt wearing that much, as you never do when the weather in unbelievably scorching! I always say that I get my looks from my mother, and she always replies "ha, you wish!" Charming!!


One person who I have to thank a lot for is my mum! Moving to England to raise me and sister with my dad was not an easy decision for her, and gosh does she remind us of that everyday! But thanks to her, I decided to come to Nottingham and do my course rather than applying to do Classics somewhere else (which is what the rest of my family thought would be a safer option). She always helps me when I am stressed and will listen when I have my little hissy fits. But as a thank you to her, Im doing one thing which she will be extremely grateful for, I am taking her back to Israel to live. England just cant handle this little fiesty woman ha ha.

The lace market

One day during Autumn last year, work was becoming extremely intense and I needed fresh air and a deserved break. So I ventured to the Lace market (a very idyllic part of Nottingham) with my camera and just started taking pictures of anything and everything that captured my eye. In this case, it was the architecture and surrounding buildings, but here are a few examples of what I saw.

Nordic by nature

This is a magazine cover that I composed myself for a little summer project. The model is my friend, who is also a model for Elite agency. She posed for this image as part of her portfolio, but I copied it, lightened the effects and then contrasted them in certain areas. Then gave the magazine themes and certain topics that would of been discussed inside. Plaza is of course a magazine that comes out quarterly, I am not a loyal consumer to them, but I do occasionaly buy a one of their magazines.